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How to install and use Instagram

Date Added: May 29, 2012 09:36:20 AM
Author: jim longdon
Category: Websites with Rss Feeds / Blogs with Rss Feeds: Internet

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android phone and enjoy taking photos to share with your friends, Instagram is an application that you can download and learn easily. It is a free photo application and is easy to integrate with other social networks. Not only is it free, but also have a lot of creative filters. You can also use it to connect with other Instagram users, view their photos or choose your favorites. And if you wish, you can have the opportunity to share with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But best of all? It's free!

Download and install Instagram

To start using Instagram, you must first download this application to your mobile device. Instagram is a free application, so you do not have to pay to install or use it. Instagram can be downloaded from its official website. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPhone you can download directly from iTunes Instagram and if you have an Android phone you can download Instagram from the store Google Play. These last two links will take you directly to download the application for your mobile device IOS or Android, respectively. Finally, you can download Instagram from your own mobile device by going to the section to download applications. Open it and find Instagram Photography section or just do a search by name.

Sign up

After installing this new application, Instagram will ask you some personal information. If you want your friends and other contacts to easily find you it is recommended to enter your real first and last name. Youll need to also include your email and create a password. Remember this password because if you connect to the application services, they may request access to your account at Instagram. It will be necessary to create a user name. As with Twitter, you can later change this name if you need. However, it is not advisable to change constantly to avoid confusing your followers.

If the user name you wish is already used, you will have to create a different one. Avoid accents or characters, which are difficult to remember.

Enter additional data and include a photo A more complete profile will be more attractive and interesting. If you have a personal web page or site, include your address in your data. You also get the opportunity to enter a mini biography. Include details that users can tell others about.

Use a photo that identifies you. No need to show your face if you wish, but try to at least use one that is striking. If you connect Instagram to Facebook, you can import and use the same ones you use in your social network. Take a photo and apply creative filters The ease of taking pictures is one of the main features of Instagram. Once you have configured your application, you just use the Share button. After you are happy with your picture, you can apply various filters and creative effects. When you're ready, you can publish from the same application. Share your photos on other social networks through Instagram Each time you post a picture, it will be shared within the network by Instagram. If you use other social networks, you can also share them to your contacts that do not use Instagram.

Before you post your picture will have the option to also send Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, to name a few. You can even share it via email, so that it reaches those who are not on any of those networks. Connect your account to other sites Using Instagram Starting from the beginning, when this photo application began in the iTunes App Store, there have been many places to see and share photos. Along the way, other sites and companies have focused their energy on creating services so that partners can use your photos creatively.

You can use these different tools; for example, to create photos to cover your biography on Facebook. Or if you prefer, you can order prints of your favorite photos. Thus, you can give your photos a presence that lives beyond the digital world.

Find and follow other users

A social network will be successful if your users are connected together and share information. The same goes with Instagram. Connect with other users of Instagram. Let them comment on your photos, start to follow or participate in conversations.

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